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Oil Dedicated to St Caesarius of Terracina (Patron Against Flooding)

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St Maura of Troyes was a French virgin and Christian saint. Born into nobility in Troyes. She devoted herself to prayer, remaining chaste, and is credited with at least two miracles. Maura was born to a noble family in Troyes, Francia, in 827. And from a young age devoted herself to prayer.

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Oil Dedicated to St Caesarius of Terracina (Patron Against Flooding)

St Caesarius of Terracina was a Christian martyr. The church of San Cesareo in Palatio in Rome bears his name. Caesarius was a deacon of Africa. Martyred at Terracina in Italy.

The “Passio” of Saint Caesarius set in Terracina. Harbor town near Rome and Naples. Under the pagan emperor Trajan.

Caesarius, belonging to the ancient and illustrious gens Julia  after a shipwreck. Arrived in Terracina to preach the Gospel to poor people. In this Roman city, each year on the first day of January. A ceremony of self-immolation took place to assure the health and salvation of the Empire. A young man pampered with material delights and fulfilled in all his wishes for eight months. Then he obliged to mount on a richly harnessed horse. Climb up to the summit of city’s cliff and throw himself into the void. As a propitiatory offering for the prosperity of the state and the emperors. The deacon Caesarius denounced this pagan custom and protested. Alas for a state and emperors who persuade by tortures and are fattened on the outpouring of blood.

The priest of Apollo named Firminus had him arrested. And taken before Leontius, Roman consul of Campania. During the interrogation, he refused to sacrifice to the pagan god of the sun and light. His prayers “caused” the temple of Apollo to collapse. Killing the pagan Firminus. Caesarius then locked up in jail and, after twenty-two months. He taken to the Forum to be judged. He asked permission to pray. A radiant light blazed down on him, and the pagan consul Leontius thereupon converted and sought baptism. He died shortly after October 30.

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