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St John Twenge Healing Oil (Known for His Miraculous powers)

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St John Twenge Healing Oil (Known for His Miraculous powers) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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St John Twenge Healing Oil (Known for His Miraculous powers)

St John Twenge Healing Oil (Known for His Miraculous powers) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Saint John Twenge, also known as St. John of Beverley, was a 7th-century English bishop and saint. He is best known for his work as a bishop and for the miracles attributed to him. St. John Twenge is venerated as a saint in the Catholic and Anglican Churches, and his feast day is celebrated on May 7th.

John Twenge was born in Harpham, Yorkshire, England, in the early 7th century. He educated at the monastery of St. John of Beverley and became a monk there. He known for his piety and devotion, and he soon rose through the ranks of the monastery.

In 687, John Twenge consecrated as the bishop of Hexham in northern England. He  known for his humility, his devotion to the poor and sick, and his miracles. He credited with healing the sick, exorcising demons, and even bringing the dead back to life.

One of St. John Twenge’s most famous miracles occurred when he was on his way to dedicate a new church. As he was traveling, he came across a woman whose child had died. St. John prayed over the child and miraculously brought him back to life. This miracle widely reported and helped to establish St. John’s reputation as a saintly bishop.

St. John Twenge also played an important role in the establishment of the diocese of York. He worked to build up the church in northern England and known for his support of missionary work. He was also a strong advocate for the rights of the poor and worked to alleviate their suffering.

St. John Twenge died on May 7th, 721, and buried in his cathedral in Hexham. He venerated as a saint soon after his death, and his cult spread throughout England and beyond. Today, he remembered as a holy bishop and miracle worker who dedicated his life to serving God and his fellow human beings.


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