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St Maximin of Trier (Patron against destructive rains)

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St Maura of Troyes was a French virgin and Christian saint. Born into nobility in Troyes. She devoted herself to prayer, remaining chaste, and is credited with at least two miracles. Maura was born to a noble family in Troyes, Francia, in 827. And from a young age devoted herself to prayer.

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St Maximin of Trier (Patron against destructive rains)

St Maximin of Trier. Was born to the Gallic nobility. Brother of Saint Maxentius of Poitiers. Educated and ordained by Saint Agritius. Whom he succeeded as bishop of Trier in 332 or 335. Trier was the government seat of the Western Empire.

Maximin was interred in the cemetery. Outside the northern gate of Trier. Where his remains were joined by later bishops.In the multi-chambered crypt. Of a church dedicated to John the Evangelist. later rededicated as St. Maximin’s Abbey, Trier. Gregory of Tours already attests to the cult of Maximin. In the church of Saint John Evangelist. And the cult offered at his grave. The Abbey destroyed by Normans in 882. And rebuilt, then entirely re-built in the 1680s.¬† Secularised in 1802. Bombed in World War II and since largely demolished. Was one of the oldest in western Europe.

The 1969 revision of the General Roman Calendar. Moved the celebration of the Holy Family to the Sunday. Within the Octave of Christmas. That is, the Sunday between Christmas Day. And New Year’s Day (both exclusive). Or if both Christmas Day and the Solemnity of Mary. Mother of God are Sundays. On 30 December, which is always a Friday in such years. When not celebrated on a Sunday. It is not a holy day of obligation. In the General Roman Calendar of 1969. The Feast of the Holy Family. Outranks the various saints whose feastdays. Fall during the Octave of Christmas. Namely Saint Stephen. Saint John the Apostle and the Holy Innocents. In a departure from the General Roman Calendar of 1954.




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