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Oil Dedicated to St Francis de Sales 3 (Patron for the Deaf)

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Oil Dedicated to St Francis de Sales 3 (Patron for the Deaf) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.


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Oil Dedicated to St Francis de Sales3

Oil Dedicated to St Francis de Sales 3 (Patron for the Deaf) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Francis was born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone in Assisi, Umbria, a region in central Italy, around 1181. Father, Pietro di Bernardone, was a wealthy cloth merchant, and his mother was a French noblewoman. His father was traveling when he was born, and his mother had the baby christened Giovanni, the Italian name for John the Baptist. His father wanted a man of business, not of God, and renamed his son Francesco, or Francis, reflecting his love of France.

He was expected to follow his father into the textile business, but the thought of that life bored him. He dreamed of a future as a knight—in effect, a medieval action hero. So by 1202, he had joined a militia to fight for Assisi in its war with the Italian province Perugia. The Assisi forces lost and Francis was captured.

By his dress and equipment, his captors knew Francis was from a wealthy family and was worth a ransom, so they let him live. A year later his ransom paid; in the interim, as he later reported, he began receiving visions from God.

After returning home, he came across a leper in the country. Instead of ignoring him, Francis, changed by his experience as a captive, embraced and kissed the man and filled with sensations of sweetness and joy.

The bishop gave Francis a rough tunic and, dressed in these humble clothes, he began his work. Francis inspired other young men to abandon their possessions and join him, working with their hands. Sleeping in caves or huts, talking about God’s love and forgiveness, praying, and ministering to the poor, including lepers.



On this day, we offer a heartfelt prayer to St. Francis de Sales, the Patron for the deaf. St. Francis, we turn to you with gratitude and hope, seeking your intercession for the deaf community. Like you, who dedicated your life to compassion and understanding, inspire communication and connection for those who are deaf. May your guiding spirit bring comfort and inclusion, and may the deaf find solace in the grace of God. St. Francis de Sales, be a source of support and encouragement for all in the deaf community, and may your prayers bring about a world where everyone experiences the warmth of understanding and acceptance. Amen.



“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”


Psalm 34:18

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