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Oil Dedicated to St Lucy 4 (Patron for Eye Afflictions)


Oil Dedicated to St Lucy 4 (Patron for Eye Afflictions) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

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Oil Dedicated to St Lucy 4 (Patron for Eye Afflictions)

Oil Dedicated to St Lucy 4 (Patron for Eye Afflictions) from A Blessed Call To Love, Ireland.

Saint Lucy, also known as St. Lucia, is a Christian saint who revered as the patroness of eye afflictions. She  venerated in both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. St. Lucy’s feast day is celebrated on December 13th.

According to tradition, St. Lucy was a young Christian martyr who lived during the Roman Empire in the early 4th century. She was born in Syracuse, Sicily, and dedicated her life to God at an early age. Lucy vowed to remain chaste and to distribute her wealth among the poor.

During the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Lucy arrested and sentenced to death. Legend has it that her eyes  gouged out as part of her torture. However, through a miracle, her sight miraculously restored. This miraculous event often depicted in artistic representations of St. Lucy, with her holding a tray or plate with her eyes on it.

Because of this legend, St. Lucy became associated with the protection and healing of eye ailments. Many people suffering from eye diseases and vision problems have sought her intercession throughout the centuries. She also invoked by those seeking guidance and protection for their eyesight.

Devotion to St. Lucy includes prayers and novenas asking for her intercession and healing of eye afflictions. Some individuals also wear a St. Lucy medal or carry a prayer card with her image as a symbol of their faith and hope for healing.

It’s important to note that while St. Lucy revered as the patroness of eye afflictions, it is always advisable to seek medical advice and treatment from healthcare professionals for any health concerns, including eye problems. The veneration of saints in Catholic and Orthodox traditions is not a substitute for medical care but rather an expression of faith and seeking spiritual assistance alongside medical interventions.

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