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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pasquale Canzii

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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pasquale Canzii

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Oil Dedicated to Ven Pasquale Canzii

Ven Pasquale Canzii was born on 6 November 1914 in Bisenti. A town in the province of Teramo. Located in the Fino valley. His parents, Alfredo Canzii and Semira Forcellese. Tailor and housewife, were simple people.

Pasquale was delicate and gentle in appearance. His demeanor was always respectful both towards the professors and towards his classmates. For this reason, everyone sought his company. He often indicated as an example to other seminarians. For his commitment to study and for his innate spirit of charity and devotion.

Everyone could see, in her sweet gaze. The mirror of her limpid soul. Everything lit up when we spoke of Jesus. The Virgin Mary and divine things. In letters written to family members and in his notes. He insistently expressed his desire and his commitment to become a saint. Faithfully fulfilling his duties out of love or God.

Suddenly, in January 1930. The symptoms of the disease of the twentieth century were revealed in Pasquale. Tuberculosis, which claimed countless victims in Italy and in the world. Regardless of age.

In the acute galloping phase it did not last long. Perhaps because it diagnosed too late. But the young seminarian became aware of the situation and calmly accepted God’s will. In his bed, with the little strength he had left. He could barely recite short invocations. From which shone his fervent faith and desire for God’s love.

His memory has persisted over time. Increasing the devotion of the faithful of Penne and Bisenti and crossing the borders of Abruzzo. The Pasqualino Canzii Committee formed. On January 26, 1999. The diocese of Pescara-Penne received the authorization from the Congregation. For the Causes of Saints for the beginning of its cause for beatification.

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