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St Andrew Corsini Healing Oil (Patron against Riots)

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St Andrew Corsini Healing Oil (Patron against Riots)

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St Andrew Corsini Healing Oil (Patron against Riots)

St Andrew Corsini (30 November 1302 – 6 January 1373 or 1374) an Italian Catholic prelate and professed member from the Carmelites. Who served as the Bishop of Fiesole from 1349 until his death.

Corsini led a wild and dissolute life until a rebuke from his mother moved him to go to the Santa Maria del Carmine church. Where he resolved to join the Carmelites as a priest and friar. He exercised various roles in the order, until reluctantly he accepted his episcopal position. In order to accept that position, he imposed greater mortifications upon himself than that required by the order, and dedicated himself to the plight of the poor.

Devotion to the late bishop became so profound after his death that miracles were reported at his tomb. The longstanding and popular devotion to Corsini led to Pope Eugene IV confirming his beatification on 21 April 1440 and Pope Urban VIII canonizing him as a saint on 22 April 1629.

Andrew Corsini born in Florence on 30 November 1302 into the noble and illustrious Corsini family. One of twelve children born to Nicholas Corsini and Peregrina (some sources suggest Gemma) degli Stracciabende. He named in honor of Saint Andrew whose feastday. Before his birth, his parents dedicated him to God, under the protection of the Blessed Virgin.

He wild in his youth; extravagance and vice were normal to him and it pained his devout mother. His parents severely rebuked him for his behavior, and he resolved to amend his ways and try to live up to their expectations. He went to the Carmelite monastery at the Santa Maria del Carmine church to consider what course to take and despite the entreaties of his dissolute friends, decided to become a friar.


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