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St Angelo Paoli Healing Oil

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St Angelo Paoli Healing Oil

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St Angelo Paoli Healing Oil

St Angelo Paoli Healing (1 September 1642 – 20 January 1720) born Francesco an Italian Roman Catholic priest and a professed member from the Carmelites. Paoli became known as the “father of the poor” due to his strong charitable outreach towards those who poor and sick. Which he received praise from a number of cardinals and other prelates while living in Rome. This extended to his friend Cardinal Giuseppe Maria Tomasi and to popes Innocent XII and Clement XI who both offered him the cardinalate, which he refused.

Paoli’s beatification celebrated on 25 April 2010 in the Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano. Archbishop Angelo Amato presiding on the behalf of Pope Benedict XVI.

Francesco Paoli born on 1 September 1642 in Argigliano. As the eldest of seven children (three brothers and three sisters) to the peasants Angelo Paoli and Santa Morelli (d. 1654). One brother Tommaso. His parents named him in honor of Francis of Assisi to whom they had a strong devotion. As a child and adolescent he spent the greater part of leisure time teaching Catholic doctrine to the poor children of Argigliano. He attended grammar school in Minucciano where his maternal uncle Father Morelli, the assistant priest.

On 27 November 1660 he admitted into the Carmelites at the convent of Cerignano in Fivizzano alongside his brother Tommaso. The two brothers returned home for several months before receiving the habit in Fivizzano. Then deciding to go to Siena to the convent of San Nicola for the novitiate (their father escorted them). Paoli assumed the religious name of “Angelo” in honor of his father. He made his vows on 18 December 1661 and then spent a prolonged period doing his philosophical and theological studies in both Pisa – at the convent of Santa Maria del Carmine – and Florence.


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