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St Roch Healing Oil (Patron for Dogs)


St Roch Healing Oil (Patron for Dogs)

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St Roch Healing Oil (Patron for Dogs)

St Roch Patron Dogs (lived c. 1348 – 15/16 August 1376/79 (traditionally c. 1295 – 16 August 1327[a], also called Rock in English, a Catholic saint, a confessor whose death commemorated on 16 August and 9 September in Italy. He especially invoked against the plague. The designation of Rollox in Glasgow, Scotland, said to be a corruption of Roch’s Loch. Which referred to a small loch once near a chapel dedicated to Roch in 1506.[2][3]

A patron saint of dogs, invalids, of falsely accused people, bachelors, and several other things. The patron saint of Dolo (near Venice) and Parma, as well as Casamassima, Cisterna di Latina and Palagiano (Italy). He also the patron saint of the town of Albanchez, in Almeria, southern Spain.

Saint Roch known as “São Roque” in Portuguese, as “Sant Roc” in Catalan, as “San Roque” in Spanish (including in former colonies of the Spanish colonial empire such as the Philippines) and as “San Rocco” in Italian.

The chronology of the Saint’s life uncertain and full of legendary elements. According to his Acta and his vita in the Golden Legend, born at Montpellier. At that time “upon the border of France,” as the Golden Legend has it, the son of the noble governor of that city. His birth accounted a miracle, for his noble mother had been barren until she prayed to the Virgin Mary.

Miraculously marked from birth with a red cross on his breast that grew as he did. He early began to manifest strict asceticism and great devoutness. On days when his “devout mother fasted twice in the week, and the blessed child Rocke abstained him twice also when his mother fasted in the week and would suck his mother but once that day.”

On the death of his parents in his twentieth year he distributed all his worldly goods among the poor, entered the Franciscan Third Order. Set out as a mendicant pilgrim for Rome, although his father on his deathbed had designated him governor of Montpellier.

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