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Venerable Alexia Gonzalez Barros Gonzalez Healing Oil

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Venerable Alexia Gonzalez Barros Gonzalez Healing Oil

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Venerable Alexia Gonzalez Barros Gonzalez Healing Oil

Venerable Alexia Gonzalez González was a Spanish Roman Catholic child. González-Barros studied in school in Madrid and in her childhood received a papal blessing from Pope John Paul II during her trip to Rome.

Her beatification process launched in 1991 and she became titled as a Servant of God. Pope Francis later declared her to be Venerable in mid-2017 after confirming that the child had lived a life of heroic virtue to a favorable degree.

Alexia González-Barros González was born in Madrid on 7 March 1971 as the last of seven children born to the Opus Dei supernumeraries Francisco and Moncha. Two of those children died as infants. Francisco and Alfredo were two of her older brothers.

On 15 October 1975 she began her schooling in Madrid while her mother would instruct her in catechism. González-Barros made her First Communion in Rome in the Santa Maria della Pace church on 8 May 1979 and on the following morning attended a papal general audience in Saint Peter’s Square. Pope John Paul II was passing to extend his greetings to the pilgrims and she ran up to him from the crowd to hug him; the pope blessed her and kissed her forehead.

In December 1984 she felt a dull pain in her right shoulder that doctors defined as being muscular contractions. But two months later she noticed her left arm felt weak. She was suffering from back pains which prompted a return to doctors for assessment. The doctors diagnosed González-Barros on 4 February 1985 as having a malignant spinal tumor. In the vertebral column which led to four operations to manage her condition that evolved into spinal cancer. The doctors discovered the lesion of the spinal column was due to Ewing’s sarcoma with widespread metastases.

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