Sacred songs of praise

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Sacred songs of praise

The Sacred songs of praise from the heart page is a facility to put Maria Antoine’s original spiritual songs out into the world.  We want the quality of the meditations to remain as high a standard as is possible.  Our goal is for hearts to be moved.  Also, that they will be listened to over and over again.

Maria Antoines “food for thought” reflections and prayers are in these series.  The inspirational spiritual thoughts, poems, prayers, stories and songs come through Maria’s prayer life. They come spontaneously during her time of meditation. Different speakers record the reflections to add variety and for publication later. We hope you can relax and enjoy them. We further hope you will be inspired and that your heart will be touched by our Irish Blessings poems meditations.


If you would like to download any of these songs they are available to buy at the bottom of the page. By downloading you are assisting us in putting out these reflections into the world.



Contact us


Please leave a comment on our contact page and we can get your feedback on the writings.  If you felt a song or poem or prayer touched you please tell us about it.  Some of the speakers who recorded Maria’s words were very moved. Maria continues to be inspired to write these poems and meditations.

At A Blessed Call to Love we hope to continue putting them up on the website.  We will also be putting them on YouTube and Facebook. Please tell your friends if you enjoyed them and let us spread the word.


Till Love touches your heart Duet snippet

A beautiful duet sung for the glory of God.  Until we allow God into our hearts and follow His inspirations we are not living as He wants us to.  He wants to be part of our lives at all times. He speaks to us in the depths of our hearts.

I’m Dreaming of a Better Day snippet

This song is reflecting on how life can be when we live it with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  He constantly calls us to Himself.  He wants to lead us th His heavenly Father.


Till Love touches your heart snippet

Another version of the song sung in a totally different style, yet with the same message of how Jesus wants to abide in our hearts.



O Beautiful Lady snippet

This song is a lovely tribute to Our Lady, Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  We sing her praises because of all the wonderful things God has done for her.  She will always draw us to her Son Jesus.



Rest your head snippet

This song is about how Jesus rejoices in our complete trust in Him. When we rest in Him we console Him, we comfort Him. Let us spend some time with the Lord in adoration and love.



Hear the birds singing snippet

This song is about how wonderful it is to hear the birds singing in the morning.  They brighten up our days.  In their simplicity they praise their Creator.  Also, as we listen we can be inspired to give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord of all.  He provides for us as He does for all His creatures.  In addition, let us lift up our hearts and souls in songs of praise from the heart.


A Call snippet


This song is about The Good Shepherd, Our Lord, calling us to Himself.  He shows us how much He loves us from the Cross and invites us to follow Him.  He wants us to accept our daily crosses and follow Him.

The words come through inspiration to Maria.
A friend of theirs, a nun, Sr Monica, brought the lyrics into a schoolgirl class she had.
She asked them to compose a melody.  They came up with a number of melodies.
The head teacher and other teachers picked the melody you hear now.
Sr Monica has since passed away. Maria and her husband think that the song would be a lovely dedication to her memory.

Hour of Divine Mercy Song snippet


This song is a celebration of God’s mercy in the three oclock hour of mercy and in a special way on Divine Mercy Sunday 23rd April this year.


The Sun is Shining snippet

This song is about how beautiful the flowers in Heaven are.  They give glory to God their Creator.  God’s creation on earth is but a pale reflection of the wonder of His creation in Heaven.  Give thanks to God for all that He does for us.



Look up and see snippet

This is a song about the love of God the Father addressing children; to see Him in the night sky; to talk with Him and acknowledge His presence in their lives.



Burning Embers snippet

This is a song inviting Jesus into the heart of our homes as we honour His Sacred Heart.  His heart is on fire with love for us.


Will you dance snippet?

A lovely gentle song celebrating the love between God and his children in a beautiful starry night




Arise to Me snippet

A song about God calling on us in the intimate depths of our hearts.



Till Love Touches your Heart snippet

And yet a third version of this song in yet again another style to give glory to God’s desire to reside in our hearts.


O Beautiful Lady 2 snippet

This song is another version of the loving tribute to Mary, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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